South India Cycling Tours - 12 Days we tour southwards on a route that keeps us close to the South Indian heartland with its beautiful landscapes, quaint villages, paddy plantations, coconut groves, and pristine beaches. Along the way, we visit some of South India’s best tourist attractions, including a 14th-century palace, a 10th-century temple, and an ancient church which is claimed to be established in 52 AD by none other than St. Thomas, one of the twelve apostles of Jesus Christ. For those who dig cycling challenges, our South India Cycling Tour has one such single-day 1251 meter ascent through 36 hairpin bends. However, for the most part, cycling on this tour is a breeze

Day 1 : Bangalore Arrival

Our guide and driver will meet you at Bangalore airport and transfer you to a pre-booked hotel. The day is reserved for rest to let you recharge from jet lag. If you wish, you can venture out to sightseeing in Bangalore. The city is the IT hub of India and has many attractions like temples, royal palaces, and heritage parks. Overnight and dinner at the hotel.

Meal : Dinner, Cycling : No Cycling, Hotel Southern Star Bangalore/Similar

Day 2 : Bangalore - Mysore

After breakfast, we drive southwest to Mysore, famously known as the cultural capital of Karnataka and also called the city of palaces. We take light refreshment breaks during the three-and-a-half hour journey and reach Mysore by lunch.,,The rest of the day is dedicated to visiting the magnificent Mysore Palace and the bustling street bazaars. The palace is easily the most famous tourist attraction in South India. Originally built in the 14th century, it was gutted in a fire in 1896 and rebuilt to its present glory by 1912. Its architecture is a unique blend of Hindu, Mughal, Rajput and Gothic styles. There’s a lot of artwork on the roofs, pillars, entablatures, arches to occupy you for the whole evening. We also visit the bazaar which abounds with curio shops selling souvenirs and local handicrafts. Dinner and overnight at the hotel.

Meal : Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner,Cycling : No Cycling , Hotel Southern Star Mysore/Similar

Day 3 : Mysore - Srirangapatna - Mysore

After breakfast, we buckle up for the first day of cycling, a leisurely morning ride to Srirangapatna. Surrounded by the river Cauvery, it is an island town of great historic, religious and cultural importance. Here lie the ruins of former Mysore ruler Tipu Sultan’s capital, destroyed by the British in 1799 during the final battle to secure control of southern India. We cross the bridge over the river to cycle around the old ramparts and enter Bailey’s Dungeon, where Tipu Sultan used to imprison British officers. We also pay a visit to Ranganatha Swamy Temple, which was consecrated in the 10th century and boasts of some exquisite architectural and sculptural work.,,After these visits, we ride back to Mysore for lunch. In the afternoon we cycle 200m up the Chamundi Hills to the east of Mysore to view the huge five-meter rock carving of Lord Shiva’s celestial bull, Nandi. We return to the hotel in Mysore to rest during the course of the evening. We dine and overnight at the hotel.

Meal : Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner - Cycling : 50KM Cycling-  Hotel Southern Star Mysore/Similar

Day 4 : Mysore - Bandipur National Park

After breakfast, we hit the quiet back-roads out of Mysore on our cycles. On the route, we are apt to come upon herds of white oxen and women in colorful traditional saris carrying water pots on their heads. Little encounters of local life such as these go a long way in shaping an outsider’s view of the South Indian culture. We cycle all the way to Nanjangud, a pilgrim center famous for its beautiful 9th century Srikanteshwara Temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. Here, we take a tea break and visit the temple before biking on towards Bandipur National Park, one of the premier tiger reserves in India. Geographically located where the Deccan Plateau meets the Western Ghats, the park is home to a huge variety of wildlife. We check into the hotel inside the Bandipur National Park around late afternoon. For the whole evening, you can relax and enjoy the views of nature.

Meal : Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner, Cycling : 70KM Cycling, Hotel : Wind Flower Resort/ Similar

Day 5 : Bandipur - Madumalai - Bandipur

Closer encounters with wildlife are in store on day 5. This day we will have 2 Safari in National Park one in the morning at Bandipur and evening at Mudumalai National Park.,,To better appreciate the abundant wildlife here, we go on a safari in the afternoon and stand a good chance of spotting several animals, including – if we are lucky – the majestic Bengal Tiger. After the safari, we drive back to Bandipur for dinner and overnight at the wildlife resort.

Meal : Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner,Cycling : No Cycling - 2 Jeep Safari in National Park,Hotel : Wind Flower Resort/ Similar

Day 6 : Bandipur - Ooty

You better keep your legs sturdy for Day 6. After breakfast, we cycle out of Bandipur for a 1251 meter ascent to Ooty, a gorgeous hill station and the former summer capital of the Raj. Frankly, it is a very steep ride up 36 hairpin bends and a true test of a cyclist’s mettle. The good part is that the ride is as visually stunning as it is tough. At every turn, you come upon breath-taking views offering plenty of photographic opportunity and resting spots. If you don’t want to cycle up this steep climb, you are always welcome to hop into our support vehicle and enjoy the journey to the hill station. At the top of the climb, we have a tea-and-cake break and then ride into the town.,,Ooty is set at an altitude of 2177meters in the Nilgiri Hills and its cool climate is a nice break from the hotter plans below. Upon reaching Ooty, we lunch at our comfortable hotel. The afternoon is kept free for you to better explore the town and sample its famous cardamom tea. There’s a lot else to do and see in Ooty. We dine at a city restaurant and overnight at the hotel.

Meal : Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner,Cycling : 40KM Cycling,Hotel : Taj Savoy / Similar

Day 7 : Ooty - Guruvayur

After the previous day’s ascent comes the welcome descent and a breezy day of cycling through some of the most gorgeous landscape you are likely to come upon in the biking trip through South India. We leave Ooty after breakfast and ride through the rolling Nilgiri mountains before dropping 2000m through the hills and tea-covered slopes of the Western Ghats. The bike ride here is easily among the best stretches of the tour. After descending for about 54km, we hit upon the town of Mettupalayam with one long central street selling a host of things. We stop for a tea break here before heading towards Kerala with the final 20km way down through the tropical rain forest and bamboo covered slopes to reach our cycling endpoint at a typical Keralan roadside restaurant for lunch. While you are busy tucking in, the bikes are loaded on the support vehicle. Here onwards, we drive you to Guruvayur for approximately three-and-a-half hours to avoid busy roads. After arrival at Guruvayur, you have ample time on your hands to wander about the town and try out local delicacies or take an evening stroll to the Guruvayur temple, which comes alive at night. The whole town is often full of devotees who come in their thousands to offer rice, flowers, and gold to Lord Krishna, an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. The ritual starts with bathing in the temple pond, then lighting an oil lamp on the huge 7m-high pillar of light just in front of the heavy temple doors – a truly beautiful spectacle. Only Hindus are allowed beyond this point.

Meal : Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner,Cycling : 75KM Cycling,Hotel : Hotel Krishna Inn

Day 8 : Guruvayur - Fort Kochi

Our tryst with special religious sites of South India continues on Day 8. A few kilometers out of Guruvayur, we come upon Palayur Church which is claimed to be established in 52 AD by none other than St. Thomas, one of the twelve apostles of Jesus Christ. This church holds out a special appeal for both the faithful and non-believers. From here on, we head towards the coast and cycle along country roads lined with mango and coconut trees. Along the way, we get to observe a great deal of local traditional life and there are photo opportunities aplenty. In the last leg of the day’s journey, we board a ferry to our destination, Fort Kochi, a heritage town with a long history of Portuguese, Dutch, and British colonial occupations. In the evening, you can wander out to explore the town and visit the 16th-century church where the Portuguese explorer and sailor Vasco Da Gama was once buried, or you may drop by at the ancient synagogue or Jain Temple. Not to be missed are the famous Chinese Fishing Nets, a big draw among tourists on holiday in South India, for they are unique to only a few Indian coastal towns. Most of these places are just walking distance from our hotel in Fort Kochi.

Meal : Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner,Cycling : 80KM Cycling,Hotel : Hotel Arches / Similar

Day 9 : Fort Kochi - Alleppey Houseboat

The day sees a leisurely biking trip from Fort Kochi to Alleppey. What makes this bike ride in coastal Kerala special is the picturesque landscape with serene backwaters, small beaches, farms, and villages where you may come across fishermen bringing in the fresh morning catch. If you wish, you may stop by to learn their peculiar fishing ways and prawn farming. Cycling on this stretch is a breeze. The weather’s usually fine, the air’s bracing, and you cycle past local churches, temples, coir processing plants, and toddy (palm wine) bars.,,We reach our destination Alleppey by afternoon and board the houseboat. We lunch and spend the evening lounging around on the houseboat, soaking in the calm surroundings of Kerala backwaters. If you wish, you may buy fresh seafood and give it to our chef to cook for your dinner. Overnight at the houseboat.

Meal : Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner,Cycling : 50KM Cycling,Hotel : Premiusm Houseboat

Day 10 : Alleppey Houseboat- Marari Beach

By nine in the morning after breakfast, we’re out visiting a local outfit to learn some coir making the traditional way. Fiber from coconut husks is used to make coir ropes and mats. Creative impulses satisfied, we hit the road on our bikes and head for Marari through numerous villages and temples. Marari is a quiet fishing village by a beautiful beach overlooking the mighty Arabian Sea. The beach here is rated as one of the world’s top five Hammock Beaches by National Geographic, and for good reason. The golden sand is soft to the touch, the coconut trees stand unobtrusively away from the beach, and the sun is usually just fine enough to set you up. We arrive at Marari just in time for lunch. We will check in at beach resort and after wash and change, you can enjoy your lunch with local delicacies to make you feel right at home. Evening will be free to relax, Overnight at Resort

Meal : Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner,Cycling : 30KM Cycling,Hotel : Abad Turtle Beach Resort / Similar

Day 11: Marari Beach,Alleppey Houseboats

Such is the charm of Marari beach that it needs a full day of lounging around. A little walk along the coast can take you to secluded beaches and exotic seashores. It’s quite something to have the whole beach to yourself. The endless blue ocean and the sky stretch on for as far as the eye sees. Wandering off the coast, you may come upon coconut-palm groves. There’s no better way to end this cycling tour than these leisurely hours right in the lap of nature. You will overnight at a beach resort offering a comfortable stay.

Meal : Breakfast,Cycling : No Cycling,Hotel : Abad Turtle Beach Resort / Similar

Day 12 : Marari Beach - Cochin International Airport - Departure

After breakfast, our tour leader transfers you to the Cochin International Airport for your onward journey. The tour and services officially end, as all good things eventually must.

Please consider the environment before printing

Departure date : Based on your inquiry

Tour Cost : Contact us

Bikes: Mountain Bikes

Bike Sizes: 13-21

Bike Hire: Includes on Tour Cost. You may bring your own bikes, but in this case let us know in advance. Other equipment provided: Pedals, helmet, water bottles.


Accommodation is offered at all locations. Most of the hotels are Culture Resort, Eco Resorts & family run hotels - all with a common line of quality in service. Our costs are based on 'twin-sharing' foundation. For those who wants single room, we offer single room, but at extra cost.


The landscape includes flatlands, mountains, backwaters and village streets.


The variety of the regional features of this country has led to a corresponding variety in environment. The Great Varies have awesome environment throughout the year, while the flatlands are warm and moist. The common level of yearly rain fall is superb in Kerala, Sikkim and some of the Northern Eastern Declares of Native India, when compared to other Native India. July to Aug is the monsoon season, with heavy downpours. It is always recommended to check weather and temperature at websites.

Transportation/Support Vehicles

All transport is involved in the cost. We provide backup vehicle at all times during cycling trip. The vehicle can be used to boat your baggage & yourself as required.


Food is a very essential part of these trips. We make sure that the meals we offer is method delicious, unless you ask for dull meals. You are also permitted the choice of veggie or non-vegetarian meals. We suggest that you consume only the canned standard water. Please make sure that the container is enclosed.

What to bring


  • Bike shoes
  • Sun cream lotion
  • Relaxed shoes for walking
  • Shoes for other sightseeing
  • Socks


  • In Indian, the conventional of outfit is more traditional. We counsel you to prevent very short shorts/skirts and limited tops/tanktops when viewing small non-urban places, temples, mosques or other sacred sites as this may limit your access.
  • A hotter set of outfits (Fleece, Coat, hat and gloves) are required for visits going through Munnar and other thin air places.
  • Water resistant jacket.
  • Riding a bike equipment like safety gloves and shorts.


  • Torch
  • Mosquito repellent
  • Eyewear, cap
  • Sun lotion of spf at least 35
  • Individual Bike riding equipment like bar finishes, pedals, chairs and headgear
  • Helmets for riding a bike


Water is higher risk; hence we suggest that you drink only nutrient water in bottles during your trip. A cage of standard nutrient water is always focused for in the start of the vehicle during trips as an urgent evaluate. Despite the high requirements, it is worth providing basic OTC medications for disappointed tummies, complications, pest attacks etc. Indian is a financially creating democratic republic and has worked very hard to control illnesses. Sufficient medical care is available in the major inhabitants' facilities, but is usually limited in the non-urban areas of the country. Many western worlds are utilizing the state-of-the-art healthcare services available in Indian. The cost of treatment is much less expensive here in comparison to the same features available in innovative nations.

The most important cause of sickness of tourists in Indian is food and water-borne illnesses. Malware, bacteria, or harmful bacteria can cause diarrhea. Attacks may cause simple diarrhea and throwing up, high temperature, or, in extraordinary instances, liver organ damage (hepatitis). Malaria is a avoidable disease that can create trouble if neglected. One can prevent disease by taking recommended anti-malarial drugs and defending against insect attacks. The areas you will be passing are Malaria-free. Make sure that your insurance provider includes illnesses and injuries overseas.


  • Bring all the important medications and OTC medications. Do not ignore to have the brands as well as the general titles of the medications one needs to have.
  • Use a sun hat when revealed.
  • Consume a lot of liquids. Don't drink tap water. Use only bottled water which is always kept in the back of your automobile.
  • Bring your personal medical kit and pest resilient.
  • To avoid fungus and parasitic attacks, keep legs clean and dry, and do not go without shoes.
  • Do not eat food bought from road providers.
  • Do not drink drinks with ice.
  • Do not eat milk products unless it is known that they have been pasteurized.
  • Prevent managing creatures (especially apes, pets, and cats) to avoid attacks and serious illnesses.

Medical Information Update

Details given above are liable to change every now and then and one should contact the Native India tasks of the specific country or the government vacationer offices for more details.


You will get possibilities en-route to do a bit of purchasing. However unless particularly requested for, our guide will not suggest any particular store. Neither we nor our driver/guides take any percentage on purchasing.

Spending Money

Every visitor will have different cash specifications and varying personal costs. Please assess your own spending routines while enabling for beverages, purchasing and falling. Also keep aside cash for extra costs like:

  • Foods which are not included
  • Emergencies
  • Optionally available activities /additional sightseeing
  • Shopping/Souvenirs

Foreign Exchange

As Indian currency value tend to go up and down, make reference to the following website for daily return rates:

Airport Taxes

There is no airport terminal or leaving taxation from any airport terminal of India.


  • Insurance Policy - Please take your own Insurance
  • Tips
  • Beverages
  • Laundry
  • Telephone bills

Tour Cost Includes:

  • Hotel Based on Twin Sharing
  • Bikes for complete tour - Trek Bikes
  • Breakfast and Dinner at Hotel
  • Packed Lunch or in Midway restaurant
  • 2 Jeep Safari in National Park
  • Expert Cycle mechanic/Guide throughout the tour
  • Back up AC vehicle for complete tour
  • Unlimited water during cycling
  • All road and transport taxes
  • Snacks/fruits/juice during cycling
  • Driver Allowance
  • Guide Allowance
  • Toll and Parking charges
  • 5% Government Taxes

Tour Cost Excludes:

  • Any Domestic or International flight tickets
  • Still/Video camera fees
  • Tips and Gratitude
  • Any Hard/Soft drink
  • Any snacks
  • Travel insurance
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