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India Cycling Tours is a division of Indochina Holidays Travel company specializes in cycling tour has brought you the best bike tours in India and Southeast Asia, in cycling destinations across much of the Asian continent. We have the experience, knowledge, and passion to bring you high-quality bicycle tours with plenty of fun cycling, cultural experiences, stunning views and comfortable accommodation along the way. Our dynamic itineraries and awesome local guides will make your cycling holiday a time to remember.

We want you to know you’re in good hands when choosing your active adventure. Enjoy premium quality tours and top-notch, personal service from our team.


Direct to consumer model. We own our supply chain and have a strong commitment to capacity building with our teams.


Tours are sensitive to your needs and desires. After all, it’s your own adventure.


We provide high-quality bikes with premium upgrade options in some locations for the best cycling in Asia – with E-bikes now available on some tours.


Our team is comprised of passionate individuals with the professionalism and know-how to ensure a great experience from tour booking all the way through to completion of your cycling trip.


We’ve handpicked the hotels we stay in to cater to the tired cyclist. Each accommodation combines comfort with touches of local culture.


Wherever the bike takes you, you’ll be sure to see the locals’ Asia, not the facade shown to tourists. Let’s get off the beaten path.

Get Set and Go

Whether you may go for our small-guided cycling tour or decide to drive self-guided with family or buddies, our hand-picked locations and cycling tracks, led by local tour professionals, are designed to make sure everyone has an amazing time.

Far from the stress of big places and equipped with a bicycle and associated with a local guide, you will be closer to the individuals and nature that offers across India. Designed cycling trips, you will learn about the essence of India.

Many of them come to this wonderful nation to be a part of many vacationer amazing actions. Some like hot air ballooning some like hippo opera while some have fun with the shopping trips. But there are some individuals who wish to invest a while doing cycling.


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